Jimmy Choo at H&M???

1 10 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M


You heard right, Jimmy Choo for H&M!!!

For those of you who’ve always wanted a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes but can’t even grasp the idea of spending $400 to $1,000 on an average pair of Jimmy Choo’s your dreams have finally come true! Jimmy Choo has partnered up with H&M to launch a collection of shoes, accessories & even some clothing for both men & women. H&M has collaborated with Madonna, Stella McCarthy, Roberto Cavalli and many more top designers but this will be the first collaboration with an accessories brand. The collaboration will feature shoes starting at only $60!!!! That is practically FREE in comparison to the upscale line’s retail price. Do you understand how big this is????



We are privileged to be among the fashion greats who have been affiliated with H&M so far, and to be designing a collection appealing to fashion savvy, street smart women, and to be including some great pieces for men, too. Jimmy Choo will bring to H&M a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection – the perfect party pieces to buy now and then wear out that night! -Tamara Mellon, Founder and President, Jimmy Choo.

We adore Jimmy Choo’s shoes and bags. They are glamorous and sexy, and they add instant style to the simplest of outfits. I like the way we have worked with clothes to accessorize the shoes and bags rather than the other way around. This collaboration is particularly exciting because it’s our first shoe designer collection. It’s a joy to be able to offer top end designer shoes and bags of excellent quality to our customers. -Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor, H&M.


Photo by Magnus Magnusson

The Jimmy Choo for H&M line is set to unveil on NOVEMBER 14th 2009 in approximately 200 H&M locations around the world! If your thinking this is just going to be another “whatever” line of shoes you are DEAD WRONG! This line was definitely not half-assed. The Jimmy Choo designers without doubt stayed true to the reputation the Jimmy Choo name holds. I am very impressed with this line. The quality & designs for the collection are far from cheap or tacky.

The Jimmy Choo name carries so much prestige that you only expect the best from anything with the “Jimmy Choo” label. Although the brand was introduced in 1996, in the short period Jimmy Choo’s success is now world renowned. Some look down on the brand because it is going to be launching this inexpensive & accessible collection, but I think it is great that they are targeting the younger & broker customer. Someday I hope to be able to purchase Jimmy Choo shoes (check out their new collection at www.jimmychoo.com) but for now “Jimmy Choo for H&M” will do the trick ;-).



A shoe like this will go for $79.99...

A shoe like this will go for $79.99...




This boot will go for $345

This boot will go for $345

The belt is also a Jimmy Choo for H&M piece

The belt is also a Jimmy Choo for H&M piece

jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-28jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-34jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-15jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-13jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-09jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-10jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-06jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-12jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-14jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-39jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-38jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-17jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-26jimmy-choo-for-hm-womens-16One word: FABULOUS!!!!

There is no doubt that this line is going to sell out as soon as it hits the racks!!! Make sure you mark your calendar’s for the November 14th debut ! You won’t want to miss out on this fabulous new line!! I know I won’t :-).




2 responses

1 10 2009
The Lost Poet : Ellustrious E

Its crazy how big this will be. I just spoke with myyy former h&m managers about this earliar. The lines in new york will be crazy. They aren’t offering them in any other cities.

4 10 2009

cant wait!!!! sooo gettin in on this action

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