Let’s Get Personal

24 11 2009


PHOTOGRAPHED BY: JJ Miller | HAIR BY: Yojanse Jimenez

So over the past year my therapist (yes, I see a therapist… no, I’m not crazy LOL) mentioned that it would be beneficial to start a blog or journal to express my thoughts, interests, etc. After taking her thoughts into consideration, I felt that it would be therapeutic to get my thoughts down on paper or on screen in my case. After months of dragging my feet at the end of September I finally made it a point to start my very own web log site… and HERE I AM! For those of you who have been following my blog it is greatly appreciated and the support shows in my blog statistics so THANK YOU :-).

Although my initial intentions for the blog were to discuss personal topics and feelings it took a different turn. Actually being seriously passionate about fashion unlike many self-proclaimed “fashionistas”, fashion became the focus. Everyone loves clothes and dressing up, looking nice, but fashion is more than clothes, its more than what captures the eye (I could go on forever but I’ll save this topic for another time). Since fashion is so important to me most of my posts have been associated with fashion.

This post is an introduction to a new side of my blog that I am launching. It will be more personal. I’ll be posting blogs about things myself and others around me go through, whether it be at school, work, in relationships or family. I hope to get more comments and feedback on these posts so I can survey your observations and feelings about what I think.

Of course I will continue to write my informative entertainment and fashion entries… but there will be so much MORE!

On that note : stay tuned for the side of “h0llywo0d” beyond the hills ;-).




2 responses

25 11 2009
Jenny a

Grest idea!!! I will stay tunned, i absolutely agree that fashion is more than clothes. I hope that i can contribute. You know i goy alot to say! Lol

28 11 2009

That’s what I’m most interested in reading. Love the photo too.

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