About ME

Hi there, my name is Priscilla Amado. I am Cape Verdean, a Boston native and when I figure out exactly who I am I will get back to you. I live by the philosophy that you can’t give to the world what you yourself have not mastered. I’m working on myself so I can make my mark in the world :-).

“You have to fill up your own cup before you can

overflow & pour into the lives of others”.

The overall purpose of my blog is to enlighten the mind,

open the heart & free the soul. I hope that my

personal experiences, opinions, passions & overall frame of mind

will be a stepping stone for other young, passionate & driven men & women to get to a state in which they may truly prosper & appreciate what life brings to each individual. Sometimes we tend to sleep on life by accepting the negatives & mediocre. I believe God offers plenty of prosperity & abundance for us to take anything to phenomenal lengths. With the right steps you can model a life that follows the beat of your own drum, or “tambourine” in my case ;-).

Be Extraordinary.



3 responses

1 10 2009
Titus Osayomi

Will you marry me!

2 10 2009
Melissa Agenoir

this is nice. i like your about me.. it sounds so.. you! lol

11 01 2010
Shakeela You-Know-Who

Aww Priscilla, you’re so cute. I never read blogs, but yours is pretty interesting. Keep it up gurlie!! And what are you doing about these open proposals you’re getting (refer to first comment. lmao).

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