Stay In the LoOp

21 10 2009


I find it so disappointing that so many Americans have no clue as to what is going on with our government. To do enlighten those of you who don’t follow US politics I’ve decided to post informational blog posts that will elaborate on major political topics as they present themselves. President Obama’s Health Care Reform is a very important issue right now yet I rarely find anyone who knows anything about the Presidents plan & where our country stands as far as it is concerned.

Below is a four-minute video that summarizes President Obama’s Health Care plan…

Last Tuesday the Senate Finance Committee passed an 829 billion dollar health care bill by a 14-9 vote. This vote was extremely important because it was the fifth & final committee that needed to vote this legislation out. This win takes the Health Care Reform to the next level.

Something many people don’t know about this bill that was passed last week is that it is very different from the four other bills before congress. This bill is a more conservative bill that is seen in the Senate as having the best chance of passing the Senate because it doesn’t include the “public option” that the President discusses in the video above. The “public option” is a government run insurance plan.

Here is what the Senate Finance Committee bill does include:

Non-profit health care co-op’s instead of the “public option”

Requiring Americans to get health care insurance or pay a penalty
(but there isn’t a similar mandate for employers to pay for coverage for employees)

Less than any of the other bills that have been presented


The “public option” may still end up in the final bill. The committees have been molding this bill with another Senate bill that is more liberal & includes the “public option”.

A finalized bill will hopefully to get to the Senate floor the week of October 26th (next week). Hopefully it also reaches the House of Representatives floor by the end of October. Even after it has reached both the House & Senate, those two will have to be merged & that is the bill that both the House & Senate will have to vote on & send to President Obama.