I am so tired of seeing women in jeans that do NOT flatter them…

As far as jeans go, nowadays lots of different styles are “IN”. The only style that’s not “IN” or particularly flattering is the jean known as the “mom jean”. If you don’t know, this jean is a very high-rise, light wash, with a tapered leg that makes your butt look like a football field. Not a good look! BUT you have to keep in mind that any pair of jeans may not be suitable for your particular body type.

I am going to be introducing the 4 most common jean styles that you can wear almost anyway you like…. please take note that I did say almost ūüôā


The “boot-cut” jean probably has the most controversy out of the 4 styles. Now I don’t typically recommend this¬†jean¬†simply because it narrows at the knee and slightly flares at the ankle. This is the cowboy cut that is most usually worn with boots. Now this cut can help to balance out a body shape, but if you get narrowness at the knee you get more width at the hip. This means you have to be careful when you wear this¬†jean¬†if you carry your weight in the bottom half of your body. “Boot-cut” jeans also have the tendency to run pretty low-rise so be careful not to have “muffin top”.¬†GROSS!

boot cut

7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans in Lightweight Mercer Wash


Lately everyone has been crazy about the “skinny” jean. This upsets me because the “skinny”¬†jean¬†is definitely NOT for everyone. It can be the most UNflattering of any jean when worn by the wrong body type. The thing about the “skinny”¬†jeanis that it very tight to the body and narrows at the ankle. Now this cut works best for¬†skinny body types quite frankly. After all, they are called “skinny” jeans. The cut essentially accentuates the curves that you have. Anytime that you have a narrowing at the ankle that means there is going to be a lot of emphasis on the hip, the thigh and the butt. For those of you who think that it IS good to exaggerate those areas of your body so be it…. but if your on the curvy¬†side it’s really may not be the best look for you.¬†Sorry.


Hudson Flap-Pocket Skinny Jeans in Glaze Wash



The “straight”¬†jean¬†is actually the most flattering on most body types. The “straight”¬†jean¬†is actually straight from the knee all the way down to the ankle but it isn’t wide through the leg. If you are proportioned like an hour glass it’s going to be great just to give you the longest line through your body. This style is great to dress up or down so most of your everyday jeans should have this cut.


Citizens of Humanity "Ava" Straight-leg Jeans in Faith Wash



The “trouser” jean much like the “straight” jean suits most body types. I really love this¬†jean¬†style because it is very versatile and tends to give any outfit a chic look. ¬†This¬†jean¬†is cut like a pair of trousers. It usually has a tab front (no button), a wider waist band and it’s usually done in a darker wash denim. Basically “trouser” jeans are designed to fit from the widest part of the hip and goes straight down to the ground from there. This cut is great for camouflaging a bigger thigh, and it’s also great in balancing out your body particularly if you carry your weight in your mid-section or if you have a larger chest area because it adds more volume to the bottom half creating a straighter body line.


7 For All Mankind "Keira" Trouser Jeans in Archer Heights Wash




The “boyfriend” (or¬†“ex-boyfriend” as I like to call it ūüėČ )¬†style¬†jean¬†has been significantly popular lately. These jeans have a loose fit that may look like your boyfriend‚Äôs but they are cut for a more feminine silhouette. Completely versatile, you can rock the boyfriend trend with a small or wide cuff (my personal favorite) or roll down the hem for a classic straight-leg look. Pair these jeans with a plaid shirt and round-toe heels for a chic weekend look or jazz it up with a very accented feminine top and a hot pair of booties for a night out. These jeans come in all types of washes and textures so you can pull the “boyfriend” look any season.


AG Adriano Goldschmied "Tomboy" Boyfriend Jean in 10Y Vintage Wash



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2 11 2009

i am loving the article on the new stylist jeans.

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